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Solar powered mill kit
Build your own wood mill. The blades of the mill run on solar energy! Including solar panel and motor.
€ 16,50
Kit solar windmill small
Build your own windmill from wood. This windmill runs on solar energy. Including solar panel and motor.
€ 12,50
Build your own windmill
Build your own windmill
€ 8,50
Bus ticket Connexxion (Family day ticket)
Bus ticket Connexxion. This family day card is suitable for all Connexxion buses.
€ 14,00
Gift package Alkmaars beer
Enjoy this delicious Alkmaar special beer 'Dirk Duyvel Blond' in a stylish glass in combination with the tastiest cheese waffles made from Gouda cheese!
€ 12,50
Gift package Alkmaar
This nice gift package is ideal for the real cheese head or for those who want to get to know Alkmaar! Consisting of the city walk, shot glass Alkmaar and the Waagtoren in miniature.
€ 18,50
Gift package Delft blue
Ideal gift package for the Delft Blue enthusiast. This package consists of a ceramic mug, a notebook and Dutch clogs.
€ 11,50
Gift package Holland
Typical Dutch gift package consisting of delicious cheese wafers, a ceramic orange mug and a Dutch windmill. Super nice to take with you or to give away as a souvenir!
€ 16,50
Gift pack Christmas baubles
This nice gift package consists of an Alkmaar Christmas bauble, a DIY Christmas bauble crafting package and lovely warm socks!
€ 18,50
Gift package sock in a mug
This gift pack is ideal for the dark evenings. Enjoy a delicious stroopwafel liqueur from a nice Dutch mug and keep your feet warm with the nicest cheese socks!
€ 13,50
The Cow who fell in the water
Cow Hendrika wants to go to the city. One day she falls into a canal, ends up in an old dung container and drifts to town. That's where she ends up at the cheesemarket in Alkmaar!
€ 15,50
Reality with a twist
A book full of photos that speak for themselves but in which the story is told differently than the bare reality appears to be.
€ 7,00
Bicycle bell frog
Nice large bicycle bell with a Delft blue print of a frog. The bell is easy to attach. Everyone hears you coming with this bicycle bell!
€ 13,00 € 8,00
Photo quartet Alkmaar in the Iron Age
Quartet play with photos from Alkmaar before 1900. Nine quartets with subjects such as well-known Alkmaarders, churches, schools and transport.
€ 5,99
Board game Solitaire Cheese and Mice
The mice are in place, ready to run across! A great game for children and adults.
€ 19,95
Handmade glass tulip large
These beautiful tulips are handmade and are made of glass. The large tulip is about 30 cm long and are super nice in a vase.
€ 9,95
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