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Find the best souvenirs here, from socks to cheese and from tulips to games! Choose a specific category to shop quickly or scroll down to view all the souvenirs!

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3d puzzle Waaggebouw Alkmaar
Beautiful wooden 3D puzzle of the Waag building in Alkmaar. The puzzle consists of 133 pieces and when it is put together you have a beautiful showpiece!
€ 39,95
Alkmaar 3d card
Handmade 3d card with all the icons of Alkmaar. You can open the card to put it down. The card comes with a deluxe envelope.
€ 7,95
Alkmaar apron
The nicest apron in Alkmaar!
€ 13,95
Alkmaar baby socks
The cutest baby socks in Alkmaar! The socks come in 2 pairs.
€ 6,95
Alkmaar boxer shorts
Steal the show with these Alkmaar boxer shorts!
€ 9,95
Alkmaar city quartet
Play this fun photo quartet and tour the main sights of the beautiful city of Alkmaar! The game contains 20 quartets about various known and hidden gems.
€ 9,95
Alkmaar Citysocks
Alkmaarse citysocks!
€ 12,95
Alkmaar coaster
Nice coasters from Alkmaar with the iconic images of the Cheese Carriers and the Waaggebouw.
€ 3,50
Alkmaar coffee; a little daring
Delicious coffee from Stads Branderij Alkmaar. A touch of bold coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and India.
€ 8,50
Alkmaar Flag
This flag has a size of 100 x 150 cm.
€ 17,95
Alkmaar flag small
The real Alkmaar flag but in a small format. This flag is 30x45 cm and is therefore ideal, for example a boat.
€ 6,95
Alkmaar Honey
Delicious honey from the Hortus in Alkmaar.
€ 9,50
Alkmaar napkins
The nicest napkins in Alkmaar!
€ 3,95
Alkmaar Notebook
Nice notebook with 3d Alkmaar print!
€ 3,95
Alkmaar oven glove
The nicest oven glove in Alkmaar!
€ 8,95
Alkmaar Pancake mix
Delicious mix for the tastiest pancakes from Alkmaar! Fill the bottle to the mark, shake, bake and enjoy!
€ 5,95
Alkmaar socks
The nicest socks in Alkmaar! The socks are size 36-40 and 41-45
€ 6,95
Alkmaar tile
Beautiful Alkmaar tile with ceramic print of the Cheese Carriers or the Waagtoren.
€ 24,95
Alkmaar's surprise gift package
Do you want to be surprised or surprise someone else? Then choose this nice surprise gift package from Alkmaar! You choose the value of the giftbox and we put together a super nice Alkmaar package!
€ 0,00
Alkmaarpas 2022
Discover Alkmaar with the AlkmaarPas. When showing your AlkmaarPas, you'll receive a discount in 300 places in Alkmaar and the surrounding area. Buy the pass online now or at the tourist offices at th
€ 15,00
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