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Cheese & Tools

We have collected the tastiest cheese and the most useful cheese attributes for you!


Beemster Cheese Medium
Delicious piece of Beemster cheese in the taste Medium. This cheese has matured for 4 months and is rich and full of flavor.
€ 3,55
Beemster Cheese Royal
Delicious piece of Beemster Cheese with a generous taste. The cheese has matured for 6 months and the taste is described as Sweet and Nutty. Because the cheese is sealed, it can be taken on a trip.
€ 4,50
Beemster Cheese XO
Delicious piece of Beemster cheese in the XO flavor. This cheese has matured for 26 months and is therefore extra old. The cheese still tastes creamy but spicy and full at the same time.
€ 5,40
Book Dutch Cheese
Betty Koster has been regarded as the cheese expert in the Netherlands for years. This is her story about her passion for sheep, goat and cow cheese.
€ 25,99
Book How to be a cheese expert
Beautiful book with information about more than 420 types of cheese, milk, cattle breeds and areas of origin. Learn all about cheese production, how to make it yourself and much more!
€ 24,95
Cheese grater Delft Blue
Cheese grater with Delft Blue handle. A real Dutch souvenir!
€ 7,00
Cheese grater trio formaggio
With this stylish cheese grater you can slice cheese in different ways: coarse, fine or powder. Carrot, chocolate or, for example, cucumber is also easy to grate with this grater!
€ 6,50
Cheese knife Cheesy
With Cheese knife you can cut effortlessly through soft and semi-hard cheeses. Due to the yellow color and holes, the handle appears to be made of cheese.
€ 4,50
Cheese knife set mini Geneva
With this fine set you can cut effortlessly through both soft and hard cheeses. Cheeses like Brie, Beemster, Goat cheese and Parmesan, it doesn't matter!
€ 16,50
Cheese slicer Cheesy
This fun cheese slicer from Boska has a handle in the shape of a hole cheese. This cheerful slicer is suitable for semi-hard and hard cheese, but also for other foods such as cucumber and carrot.
€ 8,50
Cheese slicer Cheesy mini
This cheese slicer with the funny hole cheese handle is suitable for hard and semi-hard cheeses. The blade of the cheese slicer is made from one piece of stainless steel.
€ 5,50
Cheese Slicer mini Delft Blue
Nice small cheese slicer with a Delft Blue handle.
€ 5,50
Cheese slicer recess Delft-Blue
Cheese slicer with a recess in the shape of a canal house, a kissing couple, a mill or a tulip. The handle is made of ceramic and has a Delft Blue print.
€ 7,00
Key ring beer opener cheese slicer
This fun key ring in the shape of a cheese slicer is also a beer opener!
€ 3,00
Serving board large
Beautiful beech serving board. Your favorite cheeses look even better on this beautiful serving board. The board has a diameter of 23.4 cm.
€ 15,99
Serving board small
Beautiful beech serving board. Your favorite cheeses look even better on this beautiful shelf. The shelf has a diameter of 15 cm.
€ 6,99

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