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Game; Alkmaar have any questions?
Knowledge quiz with 400 questions and answers about Alkmaar to enjoy this beautiful city even more. Things worth knowing, funny, difficult and easy. Are you a real cheese head?
€ 18,50
Solar powered mill kit
Build your own wood mill. The blades of the mill run on solar energy! Including solar panel and motor.
€ 16,50
Kit solar windmill small
Build your own windmill from wood. This windmill runs on solar energy. Including solar panel and motor.
€ 12,50
Build your own windmill
Build your own windmill
€ 8,50
Build your own mouse
Build and puzzle a wooden mouse with this building kit. This mouse can be assembled without glue.
€ 3,95
Photo quartet Alkmaar in the Iron Age
Quartet play with photos from Alkmaar before 1900. Nine quartets with subjects such as well-known Alkmaarders, churches, schools and transport.
€ 5,99
Board game Solitaire Cheese and Mice
The mice are in place, ready to run across! A great game for children and adults.
€ 19,95
Het Alkmaars Geuzenbord
The game is based on the journey the couriers made during the Spanish Siege of Alkmaar - they had to smuggle their secret messages from Alkmaar to Schagen.
€ 9,99
All tied up game cheese
The mouse eats holes in the cheese and that is why the thread gets tangled. Can you break it up again? Fun game to practice fine motor skills and spatial awareness.
€ 12,50
Puzzle Grote Sint Laurenskerk Alkmaar
This puzzle of 1000 pieces has a beautiful picture of the Grote Kerk in Alkmaar. So you just get the beautiful Alkmaar at home!
€ 12,50
Puzzle Cheese Market Alkmaar
Nice puzzle of the world famous Cheese Market in Alkmaar! This puzzle contains 1000 pieces and has a size of 340x990 mm.
€ 12,50
A card game in a box with an image of the Alkmaar Cheese Market. The box makes the card game handy to take with you on a trip.
€ 7,95
Alkmaar city quartet
Play this fun photo quartet and tour the main sights of the beautiful city of Alkmaar! The game contains 20 quartets about various known and hidden gems.
€ 9,95

VVV Alkmaar

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