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Game; Alkmaar have any questions?
Knowledge quiz with 400 questions and answers about Alkmaar to enjoy this beautiful city even more. Things worth knowing, funny, difficult and easy. Are you a real cheese head?
€ 18,50
The AlkmaarPas is available ! With the pass you get a discount at more than 300 shops, restaurants and cultural institutions. You can also take your AlkmaarPas to museums for free, go to the cinema fo
€ 15,00
Figurine Cheese carriers Alkmaar
Nice statue of the real cheese carriers of Alkmaar. The perfect souvenirs for the real Alkmaar enthusiast.
€ 7,50
Figurine of the Cheese Girl Alkmaar
The famous cheese girl from Alkmaar now also has her own little statue!
€ 14,95
Statue of the Waagtoren
Beautiful statue of the Waagtoren in Alkmaar. A super nice typical souvenir from Alkmaar!
€ 9,95
Bus ticket Connexxion (Family day ticket)
Bus ticket Connexxion. This family day card is suitable for all Connexxion buses.
€ 14,00
Dutch cooking today
Dutch Cooking Today is the best English-language cookbook about Dutch cuisine
€ 8,99
Photo quartet Alkmaar in the Iron Age
Quartet play with photos from Alkmaar before 1900. Nine quartets with subjects such as well-known Alkmaarders, churches, schools and transport.
€ 5,99
Handmade glass tulip large
These beautiful tulips are handmade and are made of glass. The large tulip is about 30 cm long and are super nice in a vase.
€ 9,95
Handmade glass tulip, small
These beautiful tulips are handmade and are made of glass. The small tulip is about 20 cm long and are super nice in a vase.
€ 7,50
Handmade glass tulip brooch
This tulip brooch is made of glass and is handmade
€ 7,50
Het Alkmaars Geuzenbord
The game is based on the journey the couriers made during the Spanish Siege of Alkmaar - they had to smuggle their secret messages from Alkmaar to Schagen.
€ 9,99
Dutch cheese knife small
With this cheese knife you can easily cut through any semi-hard and hard cheese.
€ 5,99
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VVV Alkmaar

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