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3d puzzle Waaggebouw Alkmaar
Beautiful wooden 3D puzzle of the Waag building in Alkmaar. The puzzle consists of 133 pieces and when it is put together you have a beautiful showpiece!
€ 39,95
500 Dutch recipes
This book contains no fewer than 500 of the tastiest recipes from Dutch cuisine.
€ 10,99
Alkmaar bicycle bell
The nicest Alkmaar bicycle bell!
€ 6,95
Alkmaar cap
Nice cap with Alkmaar print. The cap is adjustable.
€ 6,95
Alkmaar Coffee & Tea
Gift package with real Alkmaar Coffee and Tea.
€ 13,50
Alkmaar coffee; a little daring
Delicious coffee from Stads Branderij Alkmaar. A touch of bold coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and India.
€ 8,50
Alkmaar Flag
This flag has a size of 100 x 150 cm.
€ 19,95
Alkmaar flag small
The real Alkmaar flag but in a small format. This flag is 30x45 cm and is therefore ideal, for example a boat.
€ 7,95
Alkmaar Hat
The coolest Alkmaar hat there is! Do you choose beige or black?
€ 12,95
Alkmaar Kissing cheese girl
Who doesn't know her?! The kissing cheese girl from Alkmaar in a miniature figurine! The figurine is about 10 cm high.
€ 15,95
Alkmaar mug metal
Nice metal mug with an Alkmaar cheese market print.
€ 8,50
Alkmaar puzzle special edition
The one and only Alkmaar puzzle! Can you find all the specific items and icons of Alkmaar? The puzzle contains 1000 pieces and is beautiful!
€ 19,99
Alkmaar scarf 8 Oktober
The one and only Alkmaar 8 October scarf. Celebrate the Victory with this warm scarf around your neck.
€ 20,00
Alkmaar sticker
The coolest sticker with all Alkmaar highlights for your container, car or bicycle!
€ 3,95
Alkmaar sweets
Delicious handmade sweets from Alkmaar and Holland. On the sweets are images of typical Alkmaar and Dutch things.
€ 12,50 € 7,50
Alkmaar teaspoon
Beautiful beaten Alkmaar teaspoon. The spoon has a top in the shape of the world famous cheese carriers.
€ 6,95
Alkmaars Water with the wine bottle
This beautiful, sturdy and, above all, sustainable bottle looks great on the table with a dinner or drinks. How nice is this bottle as a gift for the real Alkmaarder?!
€ 17,95
Baby-Body „I roar for AZ“
For the real AZ supporters! Size 62
€ 15,00
Baby-Body Alkmaarder AZ
For the real AZ supporters!
€ 10,00
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