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Baby Gouda Naturel
The Baby Gouda Natural cheese is young, creamy and mild in flavor.
€ 9,99
Baby Gouda Truffle
The Baby Gouda truffle has a rich authentic truffle flavor. It is earthy and nutty. The texture is creamy and tastes delicious!
€ 11,99
Beemster Cheese Medium
Delicious piece of Beemster cheese in the taste Medium. This cheese has matured for 4 months and is rich and full of flavor.
€ 3,25
Beemster Cheese Royal
Delicious piece of Beemster Cheese with a generous taste. The cheese has matured for 6 months and the taste is described as Sweet and Nutty. Because the cheese is sealed, it can be taken on a trip.
€ 3,99
Beemster Cheese XO
Delicious piece of Beemster cheese in the XO flavor. This cheese has matured for 26 months and is therefore extra old. The cheese still tastes creamy but spicy and full at the same time.
€ 4,90

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