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The best things from Alkmaar

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Alkmaar Flag
This flag has a size of 100 x 150 cm.
€ 13,00
Game; Alkmaar have any questions?
Knowledge quiz with 400 questions and answers about Alkmaar to enjoy this beautiful city even more. Things worth knowing, funny, difficult and easy. Are you a real cheese head?
€ 18,50
Alkmaar gift package 1
This Alkmaar package consists of a cheese towel and tea towel, 2 pieces of Beemster cheese and a special Alkmaar cheese slicer. In addition, a delicious 8 October beer and a Alkmaar magnet.
€ 34,95
Alkmaar gift package 2
This Alkmaar package consists of the games; Alkmaar are there any questions? and the Quartet of the Iron Age, a teaspoon, magnet and a delicious piece of Beemster cheese with a special Alkmaar cheeses
€ 48,95
Alkmaar gift package 3
This Alkmaar package consists of a luxury bottle of Puur Kraanwater, the Alkmaar city quartet, a city walk, a delicious piece of Beemster cheese with a Alkmaar cheese slicer and an Alkmaarmagnet.
€ 45,00
Alkmaarpas 2021
Discover Alkmaar with the AlkmaarPas. When showing your AlkmaarPas, you'll receive a discount in 300 places in Alkmaar and the surrounding area. Buy the pass online now or at the tourist offices at th
€ 15,00
Alkmaar's surprise gift package
Do you want to be surprised or surprise someone else? Then choose this nice surprise gift package from Alkmaar! You choose the value of the giftbox and we put together a super nice Alkmaar package!
€ 0,00
Alkmaarse Cheese carrier
A real cheese carrier from Alkmaar. Put it on your cupboard or hang it on your fridge, because this cheese carrier is a figurine and magnet in one!
€ 5,95
AZ in the picture
AZ Alkmaar will not soon experience a stranger season than that of 2019-2020. In this book, photographer Ed Van de Pol takes you back to this football year on the basis of his photos.
€ 25,00
Baby romper Alkmaar canal houses
How nice is this baby romper with Alkmaar canal houses! The bib closes with Velcro and the Delft Blue color gives it a typical Dutch look.
€ 9,95
Baby bib Alkmaar canal houses
How nice is this baby bib with canal houses in Alkmaar! The bib closes with Velcro and the Delft Blue color gives it a typical Dutch look.
€ 7,95
Figurine Cheese carriers Alkmaar
Nice statue of the real cheese carriers of Alkmaar. The perfect souvenirs for the real Alkmaar enthusiast.
€ 7,50
Figurine of the Cheese Girl Alkmaar
The famous cheese girl from Alkmaar now also has her own little statue!
€ 14,95
Statue of the Waagtoren
Beautiful statue of the Waagtoren in Alkmaar. A super nice typical souvenir from Alkmaar!
€ 9,95
Gift package sock in a mug
This gift pack is ideal for the dark evenings. Enjoy a delicious stroopwafel liqueur from a nice Dutch mug and keep your feet warm with the nicest cheese socks!
€ 13,50
Reality with a twist
A book full of photos that speak for themselves but in which the story is told differently than the bare reality appears to be.
€ 7,00
Photo quartet Alkmaar in the Iron Age
Quartet play with photos from Alkmaar before 1900. Nine quartets with subjects such as well-known Alkmaarders, churches, schools and transport.
€ 5,99
Het Alkmaars Geuzenbord
The game is based on the journey the couriers made during the Spanish Siege of Alkmaar - they had to smuggle their secret messages from Alkmaar to Schagen.
€ 9,99
Historical atlas of Alkmaar
The Historical Atlas of Alkmaar uses historical and modern maps to tell the fascinating and versatile story of the development of the city and its surroundings.
€ 29,50
Map of Alkmaar from 1597
This beautiful map shows Alkmaar in the old style of 1597. The first maps of Alkmaar date from the sixteenth century.
€ 4,95
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