Het Alkmaars Geuzenbord
Het Alkmaars Geuzenbord
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Het Alkmaars Geuzenbord

Het Alkmaars Geuzenbord
Het Alkmaars Geuzenbord

The game is based on the journey the couriers made during the Spanish Siege of Alkmaar - they had to smuggle their secret messages from Alkmaar to Schagen.

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How is a secret message smuggled out of a beleaguered city in the sixteenth century? Hidden in a hollow pole, of course! But that sounds easier than it is. The couriers of the Alkmaar pole vouchers had to deliver their secret message in 1573 from Alkmaar, besieged by the Spaniards, to the Geuzen headquarters in Schagen. On the way they encountered all kinds of dangers, from Spanish soldiers to treacherous ditches.

Players of the geuzen board follow in the footsteps of one of the couriers who successfully delivered his message: carpenter Maarten Pieterszoon van der Mey from Alkmaar. The first person to deliver his or her pole voucher to Geuzen leader Diederik Sonoy in the castle in Schagen wins the game. The story of Van der Mey's actual journey is also included with the game.

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