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Dutch cheese knife small
With this cheese knife you can easily cut through any semi-hard and hard cheese.
€ 5,99
Dutch cheese knife
With this Dutch cheese knife you cut half hard and hard cheese just like a real cheese professional. The curved, stainless steel blade makes it easy to cut through the cheese.
€ 15,99
Cheese knife set Cheesy
The Cheesy Cheese Knife Set is perfect for any type of cheese. A smooth brie or a Parmigiano Reggiano, it doesn't matter! The handle resembles a cheese with holes, perfect for the real cheese lover!
€ 12,99
Cheese knife set mini Geneva
With this fine set you can cut effortlessly through both soft and hard cheeses. Cheeses like Brie, Beemster, Goat cheese and Parmesan, it doesn't matter!
€ 9,99
Cheese grater Cheesy
With the Cheese Grater Cheesy from Boska you can easily and quickly make the tastiest grated cheese. The grater has a striking handle in the shape of a real hole cheese.
€ 7,99
Cheese grater trio formaggio
With this stylish cheese grater you can slice cheese in different ways: coarse, fine or powder. Carrot, chocolate or, for example, cucumber is also easy to grate with this grater!
€ 5,99
Cheese grater Vienna
With this handy cheese grater Vienna you always have freshly grated cheese within reach. The handle is made of smoked beech wood.
€ 8,00
Cheese slicer Cheesy mini
This cheese slicer with the funny hole cheese handle is suitable for hard and semi-hard cheeses. The blade of the cheese slicer is made from one piece of stainless steel.
€ 4,99
Cheese slicer Cheesy
This fun cheese slicer from Boska has a handle in the shape of a hole cheese. This cheerful slicer is suitable for semi-hard and hard cheese, but also for other foods such as cucumber and carrot.
€ 7,99
Cheese slicer soft cheese Vienna
With this cheese slicer you can easily slide through soft and semi-hard cheeses. The extra short slicing blade prevents the cheese from sticking. The cheese slicer has a handle of smoked beech wood.
€ 8,00
Cheese slicer set Cheesy
A cozy set with which you can grate and slice the most delicious cheeses. The cheese grater and cheese slicer is suitable for semi-hard and hard cheeses. The set has the look of a cheese with holes, p
€ 12,99
Chees slicers set mini Cheesy
A nice mix of a handy planer and grater. With the handles that look like a cheese with holes, you can bring some fun into the kitchen. The cheese slicer and grater are smaller than average.
€ 8,99

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